What is Private Label Apparel? We are asked this all the time and we hope this page will give you some answers and insight to this process. Private Label Apparel is a service that allows Apparel Choices, Inc., to work with customers on their own designs and/or ideas. Private Label Apparel references to our efforts in bringing your designs, ideas and dreams to a reality but with YOUR name on the product, not ours. We use our abilities to ensure you receive the best designs, and finest finished product that you could ask for. Our Private Label Expertise has assisted THOUSANDS of customers, all over the United States, Canada, England, Europe, South America, and Japan realizing their dream of a finished line of Apparel and or products, made to their specifications by Apparel Choices, Inc.

Realizing your goal through a Private Label Apparel manufacture can be daunting, frustrating, and often times not a pleasant experience. Our vast experience in working with Start Up, Small, and Medium Sized firms has made the Private Label Apparel manufacture experience a pleasant and professional experience. We value your business, no matter what the size or design. It is our goal to assist you in reaching your dreams in creating a product that is not only beautiful but is successful in whatever market place you want to sell.

There are many Private Label Apparel firms who would be happy to take your money, and many of them are outstanding. However, we suggest you keep your efforts in the U.S.A., and try to work with those firms who are licensed properly, have all the needed expertise and equipment to produce your products, along with all the needed contacts to assist you in your search for vendors. We produce all of our products in Orange County, California. In addition, we provide all the services you might need to achieve your goals as all of our work is done “in house”.

We feel our Private Label Experience is second to none, and they can provide you all the services, experience and courtesy you might need to achieve your dream. Give Apparel Choices, Inc., the opportunity to provide you the Private Label Apparel manufacturing you want and deserve.

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