About Us

Choices was established in 1989 as a creator and supplier of high fashion medical and service apparel. As our business grew it was apparent to the founders, Michael and Nancy Thomas, that there was a large void in the Private Label Apparel process  for “start up, small, and medium-sized” apparel firms. Apparel Choices, Inc. transformed into what is now considered the “finest source in the U.S.A.” for Private Label Apparel to either start an apparel company, or sewn products business. In addition, our strong Apparel Manufacturing base services those growing firms into the main stream of Apparel Manufacturing. Choices is committed to offering Apparel Services USA to all who wishes to develop their products through an experienced and highly talented USA manufacturer.

Our highly respected and experienced staff can help bring your dreams to a reality. We can create something as simple as a new embroidery logo or as complex as creating a new design from a sketch. Apparel Manufacturing can sometimes be very difficult for those who are new to this industry, but Choices apparel services will guide throughout the entire process and help your firm grow.

All of our work is “proudly made in the U.S.A.”! Our California Registration Number is CAS 134743