How it Works



STEP 1: IDEAYou bring us your sketches and ideas to see what we can do for you.

STEP 2: PATTERNSketches are translated into blue prints that are used to create your product.

STEP 3: SAMPLESA seamstress will create your design into a finished product.

STEP 4: FITYou test out your product and send back notes. New samples can be created if adjustments are desired. If approved as is, design will move forward to the next step.

STEP 5: GRADINGYou determine how many additional sizes you want your product offered in. CAD manager then applies sizing breaks to your original pattern to create new sizes.

STEP 6: MARKINGA template of how your designs will be laid out for cutting is created. This will help determine how much fabric is needed to create the quantity you request.

STEP 7: CUTTINGFabric is cut in large quantities and prepared for sewing!

STEP 8: PRODUCTIONWholesale amounts of your product are assembled in our facility by our experienced production team.

STEP 9: SALESUpon completion, Choices delivers your goods and you are ready to launch your product. You come back to us next season after a successful launch to start from step 1 on your new collection.